tuesday 31st March

March 31, 2009 at 9:56 pm 1 comment

So, the main problem I seem to be getting brought to me is brown leaves on evergreen trees and bushes. In ’07 we had a severe drought, followed by a somewhat pathetic Winter with no real precipitation. Then, in ’08 we had another drought followed by another very dry winter and then in January of ’09 the temperatures went down to some unseasonal lows, as they say, which resulted in even established hollies ,boxwoods, leylands and the like having browned stems and leaves. Some things like Camellias might have totally died and even some deciduous plants didn’t make it.
The reason is due to those past years of drought. The plants are/were already stressed and weakened by 2 years of low rainfall and therefore temperatures of 4F for a few nights put the final nail in the coffin for certain vulnerable plants.
If hollies and camellias are only slightly scorched (like freezer burn) then they can be pruned back, well watered and fed and will recover. Leylands and other conifers might need a little pruning here and other just to take off the burned tips but mainly water them well to help them get going for this Spring. Fertilizing isn’t necessary as they are already stressed and it really doesn’t help.
If anyone had Fireblight on anything in the Rosaceae family, now is the time to spray. It is a bacterial problem and I think Streptomycin sulfate is the cure. I’ll double check that. O.k checked it…..I’m right. You have to spray now before you see that effects of the disease otherwise it’s too late. And don’t go pruning it when you see the damage as it can be spread by your pruners.

I guess that’s the most relevant/imminent disease prob right now.
More later


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It’s Monday, but It’s Sunny in the Garden Warm Spring Days

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  • 1. jstevenson67  |  April 4, 2009 at 12:35 am

    It’s all just a bit of history repeating…


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