Deja vu

February 2, 2010 at 12:08 am Leave a comment

Good evening, you’ll be glad to know I’m back safe and sound from my English holiday. The weather was typically crappy although on the first weekend we did have sun.

This is the road to California….the original? I’m not sure, but at least it’s sunny……for now.

Anyway, the rest of the week was dull, but nice being home. I thought I would come back to a near Spring experience but this weekend we went shooting all the way back to Winter, bummer.

I was going to talk about getting a few perennials cut back, trimming trees and shrubs but I’ll think I’ll show you a picture of my Orchid that I managed to get to rebloom.

I haven’t really ever grown orchids before especially not Phalaenopsis which this might be. It seems the trick is not too much light, only water them once every 2 weeks or so, stand them on a saucer of pebbles and keep those moist to keep the humidity up. That’s all I’m doing and it seems to work. If I can do it, then…..

Seeds are starting to come in in the garden centres. Buy them but don’t do anything yet as it’s WAYYY too early. Indoors you can start them late this month but the light levels and day lengths are too short to do anything earlier unless you have grow lamps and if you have those, you already know what you’re doing and are way beyond my help. It is a good time though, to get your seed trays out, cleaned up, labels bought, and peat pots etc gathered up, so tht you are ready to go because you know once Spring gets here, time flies by and the weather gets too hot to do anything.

I was pretty good (anal) about getting out during the snow and brushing it off my evergreen stuff: boxwoods and holly, so that the branches don’t break. So many people have asked me how to repair stuff that is already beyond it, that the best thing is to get out there and brush off the snow while it’s still fluffy.

And that’s it, a bit of a non-starter this week due to the weather. Until next time…


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Snow Damage and Other Issues O.K Thanks Very Much, But I’m Done Now!

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