O.K Thanks Very Much, But I’m Done Now!

February 8, 2010 at 11:51 pm Leave a comment

Yes, Winter can just move along now. It snowed on Tuesday, melted a bit on Wednesday and Thursday only to seriously dump on us late Thursday night and Friday morning, oh and Saturday too. We got about 16″, I think. But to be honest, I don’t care anymore. I’m done with it all.

I mentioned on a previous post about clearing the snow off your shrubs, especially the evergreen ones. Well do it, and do it now, tonight , before it freezes on and breaks branches again.

I did it this time like a total Nazi, about 5 times during the storm. Gardening around here is so tough anyway that it’s really disheartening to finally get some thing to thrive only to have it trashed overnight.

O.k, that’s from last time but you get the idea.

Enough about the snow, hopefully you got some seed catalogues in the mail and now is a great time to start planning for the new beds or veg plots. Think about flowering times, colours, heights, and how it all works together throughout the season so that there is always something of interest going on. With the vegetables, I think the hardest thing is co-ordinate seed sowing indoors for early crops with direct sowing and then getting successional sowings done so that you don’t have a glut of produce one week and are starving the next.Try and get that figured out and you’re golden. You might want to think about sharing excess plants with your neighbours or even selling them at yard sales (or car boot sales as we call them over there.)

Pruning. Now is a good time to take some serious limbs off the trees and shrubs you are looking to reshape and rejuvinate, especially if the snow has taken down some branches too. Fruit trees would really benefit from this right now.

Winter is also the perfect time to overhaul your machinery. While the winter is still here now is a good time to sharpen and oil anything that cuts, and clean and do the usual winter maintenance on mowers and anything else gas powered. Don’t leave it until early Spring because you’ll run out of time and if you need someone to do it for you, you’ ll have a long time to wait while everyone else is having theirs done too.

A little something we created this weekend……Until next time folks……



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