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I know Spring is coming as I’m sneezing and my eyes itched last night.

Driving along, you can see the red fuzz of the maple flowers; the deep red cast of the redbuds twigs getting heavy with imminent flowers and the dogwoods dotted with their own fattening buds.

I love this time of year. So much potential with the new shoots and soft, moist ground. Especially this year after such a long and brutal winter. It’s such a relief to actually see nature kicking into gear. The Daphne by the front door survived being crushed by the snow. I thought they were done for but the masses of flower buds opened up this afternoon and smell divine.

My deciduous Magnolias are getting ready to flower again. They look so good for about 2 days, then we inevitably get a frost which zaps the huge petals turning them brown. Not to worry, they look so good for that short time and you know there’s more stuff to come.

The quince is also looking pinkish with its own buds getting big and fat.

Actually that’s a good plant for cutting and bringing in the house at this time of year along with Forsythia, and willow to name a couple. We have the old-timey coraly/ salmon colour in the garden and once cut and brought inside, it becomes the coolest apple- blossom pink.

The Hellebores emerged from the snow fairly unharmed except for the old leaves which you can prune off now anyway.

I’ve covered the veg plots with plastic to get the soil warmed up for spring sowing again. The shallots and garlic are under the first bed where we had tomatoes last year. They are still alive and look pretty good if not a bit crumpled!

I think I’ll make this bed root crops this year and the toms will go over to the front right bed.

I’ve got a new product I want to try from the Organica company. “Plant Booster” or something. I’ll get the name and let you know. They have big claims about increased yields and better this and that so I got free pot (from the rep)and I’m going to give it a whirl and see how it  performs.

Can’t wait for more itchy eyes coming soon.



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